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Fly the W Cookies

Hey Chicago, what do you say?!


Calling all CUBBIES fans! Whether you're a Chi-town native, or supporter from anywhere in the country, these W cookies are perfect for helping cheer the Cubs to a World Series WIN!!

Clearly I'm a bit sports-obsessed, so these cookies are right up this alley. In partner with my baking buddy, Bianca of Mhm That Girl, these easy-to-make sugar cookies are a MUST TRY for any Windy City sports fan. We'll walk you through the steps we took to creating these treats below...

Start with a sugar cookie base. Bianca sent me a great recipe, but I'm lazy unfortunately, and grabbed this mix. I replaced the eggs with bananas and the butter with Earth Balance.

Mix mix mix your base....... we chilled this in the fridge to make it easier for rolling.
Roll the dough out to 1/4" thick, and cut into small rectangle shapes. We baked our dough at 375 degrees for 7 minutes.

Our cookies spread a bit, but clean 'em up by cutting off the edges. Perfect little rectangles!!

Use tracing paper to cut your W out, this will be your stencil.

Use an edible food dye marker to trace your W on the cookie.

Make yourself some royal icing (recipe here). Trace the outline of the W and frame the cookie as it if were a mini flag. Fill in the flag with "flooding icing" (essentially we added water to the piping icing) but read more on icing sugar cookies here, if 'ya wanna get technical.

Grab your blue food coloring and go CRAZY! Last time, we accidentally dumped the ENTIRE black food coloring jar into our icing. This time, we were oh so careful. :) A few drops of the food coloring turned the icing a nice Cubbie blue!

Pipe neatly into the W outline, popping any air bubbles with a toothpick. Ice the rest of the cookies in the same manner. Let the icing dry for a bit - of course, you can go taste testing at any time!!

These are great for dipping in some iced coffee.....in a Cubs themed glass, of course.

Create a whole plateful of these to bring to a World Series party (THIS TUESDAY), holla!!!

Thanks for reading, Cubs Nation. 2016 is our year!!

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snake charmer



snakeskin courtesy of Atlas the Python 🐍

Sssssparkle and jewelssss make up the majority of this mini snake-themed motif. Why not take chunky-cut crystal components and dress them up with the addition of delicately textured Python skin? I think of it as pseudo-recycling technique, a spinoff of sorts to my Tarantula jewelry (see those posts here and here!). And let's be clear -- no animals were harmed in this process!! I used clear lacquer to adhere small pieces of the snakeskin to each crystal, capturing the lace-like pattern permanently.

Creating the statement necklace from chainmaille - yet mixing with plenty of rhinestones to offset that Medieval edge - prevents the piece from being totally "Knight in Shining Armor". 

The two longer drop necklaces incorporate safety pins and gunmetal chain (I definitely think gunmetal/hematite plating will make a comeback soon, and I'm not complaining) for some punk rock elements. Something punk rock in aesthetic is clearly always necessary. Rhinestone cup chain and Swarovski crystal are the frosting on this reptilian-themed cupcake, adding that high class glitz against an otherwise mainly metallic palette.

Such accessories call for a badass attitude and matching wardrobe - it's time to pull out the combat boots, ripped jeans, leather leggings and oversized trench coats. Graffiti is obviously a recurring theme in most shoots, and this scene was literally PERFECT, from the subject matter to mix of colors. Sometimes you have to search places out, while sometimes they come to you! Central Avenue in St. Petersburg Florida has some crazy cool graffiti, with the murals being done by different graffiti artists. Each has their own specific vibe, which is what the art form is all about.

I'll leave you with the full photo post below, but be sure to check back for other creepy crawly jewelry (more snakes? spiders? I won't tell) in the future!

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fall trend report: chokers

It's October already?! I mean, I literally dress the same no matter what season: all black, boots, and loads of jewelry. I'm not a firm believer in winter/summer style, or dressing specifically for any season. However, this fall particularly, I feel is style GOLD.

There's a couple trends in fall style that are just TOO GOOD to ignore. I usually would divert from anything that everyone else is doing, but I don't mind supporting F/W 2017's aesthetic.

Why not dress up plain black leather chokers with Swarovski crystal? The ones you see here I created simply by using Swarovski Hotfix and an iron to adhere these crystals to suede. There's a lot of thin leather wrap-style chokers out there as well - however, I prefer the big, chunky ones! Create your own wrap by simply cutting a few feet of flat suede, and wrapping around your neck. Tie in a bow at the front and let the ends dangle down. CHIC.

We've seen embroidery and embellished clothing making a major comeback ever since Gucci introduced that oh-so-famous satin bomber. I'm so on board! I've pulled a few pieces from www.stylewe.com for the above collage. You NEED an embroidered jacket this season, I repeat, this is not a drill! I also love the mix of Eastern-inspired icons (mostly birds and floral) mixed with fringe for a bohemian edge. I've added the links below to these three StyleWe pieces, they were my favorites from the site:
1. Multicolor midi dress
2. Black fringe kimono blouse
3. Red wide neck top

So there you have it, simplified, as it should be. Happy fall everyone!!


Manhattan, Rain or shine







Pick your poison: whether rain or shine, city-slicker grunge or boho-soul flow, it's a tale of one city, from two perspectives.


With the ruby red deliciousness of a freshly-picked apple, this Zara frock surely stood out in a sea of NY City scenes. With the usual industrial-inspired palette of ashen grey (in a good way!), charcoal black, smoked tawny and frost blues, a contrasting piece is needed. And that's coming from the person who thinks black is most appropriate for all-season wardrobe. Add Chelsea boots (an homage to the neighborhood) and a classic leather jacket 'cuz it's a no-brainer.

The overcast day in Manhattan created a hauntingly perfect aura - cue random city statue gardens (see pic below) and reflective puddles- creating mirrorlike surfaces abound. Clearly I'm all about that slightly moody aesthetic.

The first thing about NY (and I'm talking just Manhattan here)- it's literally insanely large, it's a monstrosity, it's ginormous (as Elf would say). I'm a proud Chicagoan (go Cubs and Hawks), but the sheer size of New York is astounding. Street after traffic-filled street, you could walk for miles and still be amidst the skyscrapers. The iconic 42nd Street, Times Square, was a city all on its own; lights, camera, action!!!

   If you're looking for cute boutiques and one of a kind finds, I'd suggest these places:

         The Chelsea Market Artists and Fleas: Located on 10th Avenue in the Meatpacking District, I loved the eclectic mix of apparel, jewelry and art prints here. Plus, the rest of the market has great cafes, flower shops and more.

         Williamsburg Artists and Fleas: We hit all the "Artists and Fleas" markets, this one in Brooklyn, and again did not disappoint. Bedford Avenue is also a great street in Brooklyn that boasts a bunch of small boutiques. The Tibetan Mandala store, Catbird NYC and Red Pearl are just some of the places to stop.

Mulberry Street (near Little Italy) has some great little shops as well. If you're in the area, stop by Spring Natural Kitchen for their homemade lemonade and spring rolls (they have a ton of vegan options = yasss)!

I'd been looking for Batman this whole time - finally found him in Times Square on the last day of our trip. Yay!




From rain-soaked concrete streets to high atop inner-city parking garages, the marigold glow of afternoon sunlight emerges. It's a stark contrast to earlier dark skies, creating a city drenched in honey hues. Try this second perspective: everything looks rosy from the top. Ant armies scatter and scurry on the pavement, while toy cars beep and buzz past traffic lights. A subtle, surging energy can be felt emanating upwards - things to see, things to do, places to go.

For the more bohemian components of this look, cue the henna art (I absolutely love Jacquard Mehndi Henna Kits from Michaels), silver jewels and statement necklace. Yes, I'm wearing only one earring -- mix and match earring styles (here, pearl dangle with mini silver hoops on the other ear) and break the rules of earring pairs. Nobody likes rules, seriously. We're much too creative to abide by them, am I correct?!

The necklace uses chunky chandelier crystals I got at a flea market over Labor Day weekend. Tangle those up with bunch of chain, more crystals and safety pins to create that undone-yet-done look.  Stay tuned for a feature post on this one.

My last sighs of Manhattan (at least for now) were from the back of a taxi; not ideal, but sort of cinematic in a way {insert vintage film reel effect}. I'm peacin' out - hopefully not for long! ☆:*´¨`*::*´¨`*::*´¨`*:☆

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