Quiet Lion Creations by Allison Beth Cooling


champagne supernova

All photography: Delane Ashley Photography

Outfit credits: Shirt/Jeans (generationbliss.com), all jewelry by me.

Rosy champagne tones in the form of metallic finishes, my muppet-chic boa (similar here and here) and the occasional street cat coincidentally tie the mood for this look together. The burnt browns of Mars, neutral grey of Mercury and rusty reds of Jupiter are reflected in this very inconspicuous shoot location; who knew an abandoned porch would provide the perfect backdrop and aesthetic? High contrast comes in the form of these warm tones mixing with the grassy greens of summer foliage and the ever-necessary eclipse black of my wardrobe.

Honestly, I think it's all about this undercut of the ENTIRE GALAXY here - my Riri-inspired shave was deftly crafted by my mom, a supernova sunburst radiating out and down the neck. These undercuts do not last long (mine about 2 weeks) but can easily be re-designed with a quick touch-up. A must-try, I must say.

More intergalactic interest flows throughout the details, such as the shimmer star tooth tattoo (my photographer's idea, and why not?), delicately dripping charm necklaces and crystallized wrap bracelets, casting sparkles like interstellar diamond dust. Since I did pile on an astronomical amount of accessories here, a simple offset involving a charcoal scoop neck tee and classic black skinnies creates balance. And that Chan Luu skinny scarf? Hippie it up as a headband, bohemian belt or lariat necklace. Mine was on sale from UO, but you can find similar styles here or here.

What better way to ignite a lonely alleyway than with twinning twinkling sparklers, each one creating a tiny solar system all its own?...

Finishing up as the atmosphere is losing light for the night, a few strums are all that's necessary. Actually, that's because I have very limited intelligence on how to play this guitar. It's on the to-do list!

 ☽ * ○ ☆╮ a dreamer dreams she never dies ╰☆ ○ * ☾


#worldtraveler decoupage books

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