Quiet Lion Creations by Allison Beth Cooling: Fashion Victim Nails


Fashion Victim Nails

That's what you'll have with these nails.
Any madame who is obsessed with fashion will definitely want to follow this tutorial.
Plus, a great way to use all your old magazine back issues. Recycling is ALWAYS in style!

The final product reminds me of ransom notes; high-fashion ones, that is!
A totally cool manicure that is genuinely one-of-a-kind.
You can use any color of nail polish you want. You can also finish with a glitter coat as I did, or leave your nails un-sparkly. Your choice.

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are old fashion magazines, scissors, nail polish, clear lacquer, modpodge and a paintbrush.

Step 2: Cut out a bunch of small pictures, words, logos or icons from the magazine. Get a good variety and make sure they can fit onto your nails. If some of them are big, it's fine to cut them off as I did to make interesting compositions. 
Paint the nails your color. Apply a coat of modpodge to the back of the clipping you want on your nail, and press clipping to nail firmly. Press down on all edges to adhere. Let dry. Continue with other nails. If some of the clipping sticks off the nails, gently file down to meet nail's edge.
You can also layer clippings, such as images with text, to make cool-looking compositions.

Step 3: Paint the nails with a coat of modpodge over the decal. Let dry. Now, paint a couple coats of clear lacquer, making sure to completely cover nail and make it water-proof. Let dry in-between each coat.
Add glitter if you'd like!

Ooh la la! 


  1. because you put mod podge on, is it easy getting it off with nail polish remover?

  2. yes, very easy. modpodge will sometimes even come off with water so that's why you coat it with clear nail polish as well.