Quiet Lion Creations by Allison Beth Cooling: ROMWE M Pendant Necklaces


ROMWE M Pendant Necklaces

Mmmmmmm, M&Ms!
I think they are my most favorite candy.
When I came across these necklaces on street style site ROMWE, I totally knew I had to make one for myself. You usually hear me complain about the prices of the "Real Deals", however these real necklaces sell for only about $12- not too shabby.
However, I prefer to make things myself anyway; and I'm sure you do too. 

These are just so cute, and you can whip them up easily; make a whole collection of colors!
They actually really look like little candies; the secret is in the nail polish we put on them, paired with a coat of glossy lacquer-- double the shine.

Delicious! Total eye and neck candy!

You can also make these with silver paint and a silver chain to match, if you are not into gold.

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are pliers/wirecutters, some clay (red if you want a red pendant), gold chain, a paintbrush, polymer clay glaze (here) , a little "m" stamp -like these if you already have a block , a gold eyepin (not headpin, sorry, metallic gold acrylic paint , and red nailpolish (or any bright nail polish , to match your clay).

Step 2: Take a marble of your clay, flatten a bit and pinch the outsides gently to flatten them. It should look like a little M&M. Cut your headpin with the pliers/wirecutters to where it measures a little shorter than the length of the pendant, and stick it in the top of your M&M. Make sure only the top of the loop sticks out.
Stamp an "M" in the middle (gently, to not flatten your pendant).

Step 3: Go and bake your pendant (I use a toaster oven at 125 degrees for about 20 minutes. For oven, do about 200 degrees). Now, take your gold paint and paintbrush; dab a little paint on the M, then quickly and gently wipe away excess with a damp cloth. I also like to use manicure sponges to gently sponge in paint, it works really well! Wipe around the M to make sure the gold is only in the stamped indent part, and not on the rest of the pendant. Let dry, then repeat again to make sure you get a nice crisp M.
When dry, paint the top of the pendant with your nail polish; this will give it a nice glossy look. Make sure to not paint in the M, just carefully around it.
Let dry, then paint the back with the nailpolish as well to finish. Let dry, then coat everything in clear gloss- super shiny!
Let dry, and add to chain with a jump ring.

Good enough to eat! 

All photos and instructions copyright Allison Cooling for Quiet Lion Creations.
If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me. It is much appreciated!


  1. These came out absolutely superb! I never would have guessed they were clay from the photos, they look like metal.

  2. Wow!
    Yours look so much better than the real deal, honestly! :)
    Thanks for the tutorial, it's really cute! Maybe it could be made into a charm bracelet too? Mmm... an M&M bracelet. :-)

  3. These are so cool! They look so professional!

  4. Where Did you get All Of The Materials?

  5. you can get all these materials at Michaels. or probably any craft store near you

  6. so simple but so pretty! I can think of a lot of uses for these! Great tutorial.

  7. Is there a brand of clear gloss that you would recommend? Is it the same thing as soft gel gloss?

  8. i use Delta clear gloss glaze. or you can use like diamond glaze, not gel...

  9. I love it,too cute,lol,looks yummy......