Quiet Lion Creations by Allison Beth Cooling: Easy Spring Floral Nails


Easy Spring Floral Nails

It's finally spring! However, it hasn't really felt like it.
Even with all the cold still in the air, a bright manicure can help cheer up the day!
This manicure requires basically no skills, and comes together really quick.
Feel free to make this in any color combination you'd like, but keep a light background so you can see the design the best!
Even better, florals are totally on-trend for spring.

I used a color combination from Tabitha Simmons for Peter Som heels (shown on the first picture) with a pale pink and blue combination with a touch of metallic gold.

The floral pattern is really splotches of colors! Easy to paint with your non-dominant hand!
Let's get started.

Step 1: Gather materials. You will need nail art brushes, and an array of nail polishes in your color combination. 

Step 2: Start with a base of white, you probably will need 2 coats. I then painted one coat of Ulta Baby Doll for a pale pink look. Like I said, keep the background nice and light. Now, get your paint colors for the floral design. I used an array of greens and blues.

Step 3: Start with your dark color. Start to paint small splotches onto one side of your nails, make some look like flower shapes and others more abstract. It helps to get a plastic tupperware container's lid and put a couple drops of nail polish on it and paint from there.

Step 4: Continue to add layers of your color, and vary the size of splotches; make them look like leaves, petals as well as mini flowers if you can. Nothing too detailed is needed. Make sure you only paint one side of the nail so it looks like the bouquet trails up the nails.
Repeat with the other side, except make the bouquet on the opposite side of the nail.
On the bigger flowers, I used white and made a small dot for the center, so it looks like a real flower.
I finished off with bright pink dots around and within the florals for a pop of color and more detail.

To finish, if you want a metallic shine, I painted the side without the design with a fan brush and translucent metallic gold, giving a slight texture and shine to the plain background. This adds just a little extra!

Your finished nails! Feel free to finish with top coat so they don't chip.

All images and text copyright Allison Beth Cooling. Do not use my photos without crediting me, and if using this tutorial please link back!

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