Quiet Lion Creations by Allison Beth Cooling: February 2013


Cheap-o "Oscar" Earrings

My next tutorial is another one of my "cheap-o" ones, using everyday materials to mimic expensive metals and gems! After seeing the Oscars, I knew I had to do some sort of tutorial...
I loved the jewel-toned dresses I saw as well as the Art Deco feel of the set. 

So these earrings are a mix of glitz, gems and super cheap materials! However,
they still shine and are definitely original. The mix of jewel tones make the earrings seem richer, and the geometric shapes speak to the Art Deco feel.

They come together quick, and the only real skill you need is gluing skills!
Let's get started.

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are two earring wires (ignore the jump rings!), a party bead necklace (you know, those plastic metallic ones for Mardi Gras or New Years?) plastic flatback gems, and heavy-duty glue like E-6000.

Step 2: Take your party bead necklace and cut in half. Take 4 of the beads, and fold them next to each other, and then twist the string above them to lock them in a little square. It should look like the top picture, with two columns of 3 beads. Twist one more time to have two colums of 5 beads. I took my glue and glued the back of these beads, to stick them together in that pattern. I then placed a heavy book on top of the panel to hold it in place when it dried.

Step 3: Now you've got your panel and it has fully dried, cut off the rest of the necklace right next to the beads. Repeat for a second panel. Attach your earwire to the panel by inserting it into the loop of string that should be on one end of the panel (the other end will not have a loop).

Step 4: Now, time to add the gems. Get your glue out, and decide what gems you want. 

Simply glue the gems in the bead joints (make sure it is on the other side of the panel, no the one with the glue already on it.  Let this glue dry. 
Earrings done!

All photos and instructions copyright Allison Cooling for Quiet Lion Creations.
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Color Monday: Sugar & Spice

Yum! This is a bright palette of candy-inspired colors. 
Feel free to use in any one of your art projects!


Quick Starburst Nails

These starburst nails were found in the March issue of Harper's Bazaar. The look was designed by Kristina Estabrooks for a runway show; the black and white detail fits perfectly within spring fashion!
Of course, it's an easy DIY for you guys at home! 
Feel free to do this in any color scheme if you are more of a color person. 

Let's get started.

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are two nail polish colors, masking tape, scissors, and a top coat.

Step 2: Paint your nails the base color (white for the look). Take masking tape, cut a small piece, and cut out triangles so it looks like a starburst. Make them small to fit at least 2-3 points on your nail.

Step 3: Wait until your nails are completely dry. Press your tape onto the top righthand corner of your nail, not covering up too much of the nail. Take your second color, and paint the bottom part of your nail; not too thick of a coat, or it will bleed when you peel the tape off. Peel the tape off quickly but gently. You should be left with a starburst pattern!

Step 4: Repeat on the other nail (I used the same cut piece of tape for the corresponding nails, but don't over-use otherwise it will loose its stickiness and give a messy look.

Step 5: Repeat for each nail. Finish with a top coat if needed.

Sort of futuristic, graphic, bold, interesting!

All photos and instructions copyright Allison Cooling for Quiet Lion Creations.
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Color Monday: Heart's Desire

A post Valentine's Day palette of warm browns, cream, and red!
Feel free to use this palette in any art project you have!


Cheap-o Pave Heart Necklaces- For Valentine's Day!

Want sparkle for Valentine's day, but don't have the cash?
No worries.
Make yourself a cheap-o diamond heart necklace out of clay and glitter.
Again, another fast and easy tutorial that doesn't take mad skills to complete.

And you won't have to dish out $1000+ dollars for them.

Quick to make, these will become addictive. 
Maybe make them in other shapes if you are not into hearts (like me)....

Let's get started.

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are pliers, glitter, clay, a headpin and a chain.
I used a box chain because I think it sometimes looks fancier than regular chain.

Step 2: Pick out your color of glitter; make sure it's superfine glitter, not chunky.
Take a marble of clay; color-match the clay to the same color of the glitter. 
Some tips: add in little bits of color at a time, to slowly work to the color.
To make a color duller, add in some of the contrasting color, not black.
Your clay doesn't have to match exactly, but make it as close as you can.

Step 3: Take your marble of clay, and shape it into a little heart. It helps to flatten out the marble, then take a toothpick and press it right in the top, to create the two rounded pieces at top. Push your headpin right through the center. 
Take your glitter, and pour into a small cup or little dish. Gently rub the glitter onto your bead, pressing down to adhere the glitter to the surface of the clay. Press firmly but don't disfigure the bead.
You will want all the glitter to cover the surface of the bead; this is where the clay color comes into play; if some of the clay shows through, it will be unnoticeable if the colors match. If they are off by a lot, then it will be very noticeable. 

Step 4: Once all the glitter is rubbed in and covering the surface, go and bake your charm. I usually do like 125 degrees or less for 15 minutes in my
 toaster oven.

Step 4: Once the bead is baked and cooled, place back on the headpin (you could have baked with the headpin in as well if you wanted), cut and loop the wire. Attach to the chain.
You can also seal the bead with clear lacquer after baking if you want, to make sure any glitter doesn't rub off. It's recommended.

Pretty! Not real diamonds, but very sparkly and festive.

Make some in different colors for each outfit.
I made a hot pink one as well. 
I won't be wearing any of them, I'll give 'em away.

The box chain sparkles and looks a lot richer to me than other types of chain!
You could also use gold findings and chain if you like yellow gold better.

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It is much appreciated!


Thin Gold Bangle Bracelets

I'm back! Yes, I haven't posted a tutorial in a long time, very busy. 
These literally come together in minutes flat. I didn't even bother to braid the ends, and used these more of like a friendship-style bracelet. 

You can even add beads, or crystals to fancy them up.
The pearls I used are from Prima Beads. Great selection of beads, findings, other goodies and free shipping! Mixing pearls with the metal and the floss creates a cool mix of textures. Great for layering for the summer. They are delicate and mix well because of the simplicity of the bracelets.

Step 1: Gather materials. All that's needed are scissors, pliers, embroidery floss, and thick wire (maybe like 16 or 18 gauge, just make sure it is thick and doesn't bend that easily). Beads too if you want to 
add some.

Step 2: I cut about 3" of my wire and looped each end. If you have smaller or larger wrists you can cut accordingly, adding or subtracting an inch. Cut about 1 foot of your floss, and bend in half. Cut another foot and fold in half again. These will be your tying pieces.

Step 3: I went outside and gently hammered my wire piece like in the Perched Harmonies necklace. Go easy with it, not totally flat, just enough to give it some texture. You don't have to hammer it, you can keep it plain, or mix and match hammered bangles with regular wire ones to mix the texture. After hammering, bend it around a glass or bottle to give it an arched shape.

Step 4: Take one of your floss pieces, and thread it through the loop 'till the folded part: tie a knot here to secure the thread onto the wire. Repeat with the other side.

Finished already! See how easy it is? The hammering gives it a little texture as seen in the picture.

I made another one with one pearl, a whole pearl-beaded one, a thicker gold one, and then the hammered one. The mixing of metals is very chic-looking.

To wear, simply tie-on in the back. Give these out as friendship bracelets with their favorite color floss!

All images and text copyright Allison Beth Cooling. If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me. 
It is much appreciated!